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Swondo specializes in reliable virtual land hosting since 2006. Sim hosting companies come and go. Swondo offers sims in OpenSim as of 2009 and is the oldest active independent region hosting company. Solid fast connections with high uptime rates, fast and friendly service and deep respect for creativity and privacy. These are some of the reasons why Swondo is able to be around in good standing for over 16 years.
Swondo offers high quality virtual real estate in the OpenSim world: OSgrid.

Visit the Tropical Mountain XL & XXL page

Beach Life Tropical Island

or see more about the latest Mediterranean designs: 'Swondo Island'

and 'Wide Woods'

 OSgrid Center map
Lbsa-Plaza is the center and public hangout of OSgrid. Swondo hosts public and special regions(sims) around and east of Lbsa-Plaza.

Click the map to enlarge. All colour regions, except Lbsa-Plaza, are Swondo hosted.

Each public or special region has a story behind it or a goal still to be achieved.
Some regions are meant for joint projects and to make OSgrid a nicer place. Participations are always very welcome. Projects that can benified the OSgrid community will be sponsored with land (marked with a green v) at the best locations.

Swondo Photo Album

 Swondo leases out Estates, Sims, Regions and Parcels in OSgrid. Sims come with fully changable nature designed and vegetated landscapes if you like.
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The sail-able area is huge.

May 17, 2024 We had an announced off-line because our glas provider had to do infrastructural maintenance. We had to change ip address also for this. The outtage was expected to take a max of 15 hours. It became 20 hours. Everything is up and running fine again and the network became even faster. In real nobody will notice because the max speed we can upload was never reached anyway in the past few years. Swondo has 2 x 1 GB up & down glas lines.

March 21,2024 - Great news !!!! Standard Lease monthly price drops to 9 US$ or 9 EURO p/m as of today. Website and inworld signs will be changed in the coming days.

Feb.21,2024 - A new mediterraneum choice is up and running. Wide Woods is an easy sloped roughened very large forest. Thousands of flowers and trees. This design is a based on Swondo flower Island. For persons who just like the woods but do not care about mountains.

Feb.20,2024 - Two new region designs have arrived. Beach Life is a mostly flat tropical island with ships sailing around.
Walled Flatland is meant for people who like to start with ultra flat land. The square ultra flat land is surrounded by a stone wall to creae a good looking connection to the sea without sloping the land. It can be ordered with 0.2 or 4 or 10 meters land height with according wall height.
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Swondo creates: Regions, landscapes, communities, buildings, objects, scripts and integrated websites for businesses, schools, foundations, Swondo World and 3'party grids.

Swondo offers payments according knowledge level for a 'grids and server' manager. Expert knowledge of ROBUST including all kinds of add-ons and integrated webpages is required. Preferable living in The Netherlands or Germany. More jobs here.