Swondo Wide Woods

Almost region filling 768x768 meter large forest
Slightly sloping terrain, no mountains
Little island and some small water ways
Thousands of flowers and trees
9 US$ or 9 EURO per month, no prim limit, no other costs

Mediterranean large forest on a 768x768 or 1024x1024 meter region.
No mountains just slightly sloping grasland filled with flowers and thousands of trees
The size of the forest is a little smaller then 9 traditional regions.
There is lots of room for houses and other buildings. Just cut some wood at a nice location.
Your region can be placed connected to the Swondo large ocean or free floating on the OSgrid map.

Everything in the sim can be taken out or changed at wish. Swondo offers these designs as a starting point from where your journey begins.
With the received management rights all kind of region settings can be changed like for example terrain textures and acces limits.

The region name and map-location can be chosen at order and changed at any time for free. Just ask Sylvia.

The price of 9 US$(9 euro)per month is based on fair-use. There are no prim restrictions.

The minimum lease-time and billing cycle is per 3 months.
This means payment upfront of 27US$ or 27Euro per 3 months. no start-up fee etc.
If you miss a payment do not worry. Swondo never closes a region without several communication attempts over a stretched period.

Receiving a backup(OAR) for free is possible after a minimum of 3 months lease.
Backups(OAR files) are created every 24 hours and stored at two different RealWorld locations to protect your creative work.
If you mess-up your land then please do not panic. A backup can revert your land to a previous state.

Do realize that a lease with Swondo is cheaper then running a sim from home.
(Based on electricity costs of running a PC 24 hours, 365 days per year at home)

If you want more information then contact Sylvia Sonoda please.
Before you order do read the Swondo covenant to prevent misunderstandings.
If you want to lease this region, then please visit the Land-Order page and chose 'Wide Woods'.

Or go back to the Swondo home page here .

This image shows how large the regions are compared to a tradional sized 256x256 meter region.

click to enlarge

Photos below are taken at Wide Woods in OSgrid

WideWoods-08.jpg WideWoods-09.jpg WideWoods-16.jpg WideWoods-17.jpg WideWoods-19.jpg WideWoods-20.jpg WideWoods-21.jpg WideWoods-24.jpg WideWoods-25.jpg WideWoods-31.jpg WideWoods-38.jpg WideWoods-39.jpg WideWoods-40.jpg WideWoods-42.jpg WideWoods-45.jpg WideWoods-51.jpg WideWoods-52.jpg WideWoods-53.jpg WideWoods-56.jpg WideWoods-57.jpg