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   Freeland parcels on large Tropical regions  Project: Finished Region Up
   Boardwalk region with streaming lava  Project: Finished Region Up
   Stephen Freeland & Underground works  Project: Finished Region Up
   Hypergrid, Local & HG Teleport Center  Project: In Progress Region Up
   Swondo Harbour  Project: In Progress Region Up
   The Treasure Hunt (Game)  Project: In Progress Multi Regional
   Swondo Freeland 1 to 4  Project: Finished Regions Up
   Verloren Castle Resurrection Project  Project: Unassigned Region Up
   Swondo Village  Project: Unassigned Region Up
   Paradise Islands, Cave Project  Project: Unassigned Region Up
   Eschach, Castle Ruins  Project: Finished Region Up
   Nederland at the Boardwalk  Project: Unassigned Region Up
   The Boardwalk Project  Project: In Progress Regions Up
   Zell, Snow Resort  Project: Unassigned Region Up
   Pod Monorail Transport System  Project: In Progress Regions Up
   Princess Peach Castle nin64  Project: Idea Phase Region Down

    July 27, 2020: Paradise Islands & Retreat for Freelands added. Grey Projects are existing but still have to be added to this webpage.

 Twelve Freeland parcels and more on 2 large 768x768 Tropical regions  
 Regions: Tropical Islands & Tropical Retreat
 World: OSgrid

  For people with a small or no budget the tropical Freelands have returned.
1536x768 meter of tropical ocean for sailing, shipwreck diving or to relax next to a sand sculpture on a tiny island. A lookout post on one and a party bar on another small island are just a few of the the landing possibilities at this huge hot ocean area. Two large islands are divided by mountain rigs into 11 secluded private Freeland parcels with each their own sunny beach. Birds fly overhead and several old style wooden sail ships slowly move along the islands. An occasional shark keeps you alert and quietly flushing waves calm you down.
Applying for freeland on one of the islands is possible through the Freeland web page.

The large island on the region: 'Paradise Islands' has a cave which has to become some kind of hide away in a pirate style. Maybe the cave filled with gold like on 'Isla de Muerta'. We are looking for someone who likes to take on the cave project and can make it a special place to visit.

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   Start: July 20, 2020
Finish: July 27, 2020

Project by: Sylvia Sonoda

- 2 var 768x768 regions
- 12 Freeland parcels
- Tropical beaches
- Birds flying overhead
- Flushing waves
- Ships sailing around
- Shipwreck to dive for
- Sharks looking for prey
- Beach party Island
- Outpost island with a view
- Relax with sand sculpture

The regions are part of Swondo Freelands

The cave project needs a creator.

 Boardwalk region with streaming lava, boiling water and shooting fire  
 Region: Lava
 World: OSgrid

  Sylvia's wish to create an active vulcano has come to life.

Continious streaming lava comes down from the hot magma lake and meets the water at the bottom. When the hot lava meets the cold sea water it explodes the lava and instantly boils the water into agressive steam. Meanwhile lava shoots from the lake into the air and flies of to the LBSA sea and sometimes even to Swondo Harbour two regions up the road. For the real daring there is a hot path leading to a magical port guarded by a huge knight statue with glowing sword. Only the bravest find their way to the treasure.

The vulcano is located at the Boardwalk. We hope this region will be an appreciated adventure for those who walk the Boardwalk journey. On the backside of the mountain is a castle burning.

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   Start: June 2019
Finish: December 17, 2019

Project by: Sylvia Sonoda

- Boardwalk region
- Streaming lava
- Splashing lava & water
- Shooting and flying fire

The region is part of the Boardwalk project

 Stephen Freeland & Underground works  
 Region: Stephen
 World: OSgrid & Metropolis

  Region 'Stephen' is an old center region of 'Otherland' Second Life Estate. With moving to OSgrid in 2009 Stephen moved along and it is one of the oldest still existing regions in the virtual world. Original Stephen was designed and created in Second Life in 2006 by Dana Bergson. In 2010 first generation Blender designers 'Grey Kurka' made a quick trip from SL to OSgrid and got reunited with his long time friend Sylvia Sonoda. Sylvia gave 'Stephen' to Grey and he put one of his early designs in. Unfortunattely Grey was way too busy in SL and forgot about OSgrid. For 7 years Stephen waited for Greys return.... In December 2017 Freeland was getting scarse and land had to be added. But Sylvia wanted something special. A new challenge. It resulted in 'underground' project Stephen.

Stephen is finished. It now has 4 large Freelands, A look-out hangout on a mountain and a magical underground passage. At the center of Stephen, a little island remains the property of Grey Kurka. This to remember the old age and history of Stephen. All 4 freelands have sky-gardens in the high sky and fast one click teleporters to go there. Two of the Freeland parcels have underground caves and choosable ways to close or show the top entrance. The idea is that a house can be put directly on top to hide the entrance. There is one island with great ocean views and one large land with stairs down to a private little natural harbour. Barbaras little boat goes over the rivers of Stephen in two seperate routes.

The challenge for Sylvia was the new underground connection between two mountain entrances. Barbara uses these entrances all the time but getting it to work for real avatars was more difficult. It just had to feel natural. Inside the underground passage there are a few surprices and more are to be expected in another coming project. Have fun exploring and do try the mountain entrances at the river. if you like the project please let Sylvia know especially how the travel through the mountain felt. It was a lot of work and hearing feedback is always nice.

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   Start: December 1, 2017
Finish: February 24, 2018

Project by: Sylvia Sonoda

- Four Freeland Parcels
- One underground Harbour
- One cave with a rock door
- chosable top cave doors
- Barbara sailing around
- Magical underground passage
- Mountain top hangout
- Pneumatic Bridge
- Beautiful rural nature

Stephen was originally designed and created by Dana Bergson in 2006 in SL. The region has been up for over 16 years.

The region can be found in both OSgrid and Metropolis.

 Hypergrid, Local & HG Teleport Center  
 Region: Hypergrid
 World: OSgrid

  This region is intended to become a Grid & Hypergrid Teleport center. Preferable with an automated system to add hyperlinks and putting the most popular destinations automatically more central. The hope is it will also become a place for people to hangout. Freebie- and knowledge stores, free apartments and more. Of course the place also has to look good.

The design of this region is based on the Idea of Sylvia to create multiple going around vehicles with the usage of the 'viewerside rotation' script. One of Sylvias favourite scripts because it is very light for the server while it can have a huge 'action alive' effect in a region. Sylvia uses it in this region to let Ships sail, Pods travel and birds fly around.

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   Start: September 2017
Finish: Unknown

Project by: Sylvia Sonoda

- Grid & HG Teleport center
- Designed around sailing Ships
- Pod Monorail station
- Freebie Shops and more...
- Located at the LBSA Boardwalk

Lot of things to be done

 Swondo Harbour - The Prim Factory  
 Region: Prim Factory
 World: OSgrid

  At an industrial harbour along the LBSA Boardwalk, a factory is under construction. Finally the place gets revealed where all the standard prims are made before they are rezzed by someone in the land.

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   Start: September 2017
Finish: Unknown

Project by: Sylvia Sonoda

- Industrial Harbour & Factory
- Located at the LBSA Boardwalk

Participant Builders welcome

Finally we can see where the standard prims are fabricated

 The Treasure Hunt Game  
 Region: No Specific
 World: OSgrid, Metropolis and more...

  The Treasure Hunt Game is a long cherished dream of Sylvia. It will be hypergrid wide and open to many participants. It is meant to let players travel to great places while hunting for treasure. The game is inspired on Mario World in which stars needed to be collected by searching all kinds of places. A few chests can already be found around Swondo Estate but the game is not yet active. The game is under construction.

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   Start: March 2016
Finish: Unknown

Project by: Sylvia Sonoda

- Under Construction

 Verloren Castle Resurrection Project  
 Region: Verloren
 World: OSgrid & Metropolis

  Region 'Verloren' is the old heart of 'Otherland Estate' in SL. Castle Verloren was very known and a popular relax hangout. The combination of many large rooms in different settings and functions, secret corridors and all kinds of caste sounds, gave the place an unprecedented magical atmosphere. With moving to OSgrid in 2009 the region was eventually lost because of the high costs keeping a complete sim running in Second Life. This was before the times we could save and export complete regions. It is a long cherished wish to one day resurrect the castle or at least create accurate ruins to remember it by.

Verloren lays around as a desolated 'Under Construction' sight for many years now. It patiently awaits the moment someone wants to pickup the project and simply starts rebuilding. The only things saved from old Verloren are the height-map of the landscape and all textures that were used. There were no sculpts or meshes used in Verloren. Photographs by many different visitors can be found all over the internet. There also are some screenshots of the old world-map. These together give some rough clue to the measurements and positions in the region. Sylvia Sonoda did some first efforts and laid down an old world map for positions reference at the Verloren sight in OSgrid. Also a start is made at the stables with a few walls and the second floor walk-up.

One Idea is to create a less time consuming accurate overgrown 'ruins and remains' sight in one grid (Metropolis) and maybe go eventually for the full rebuild in OSgrid.

If you know Verloren from the Second Life old days and like to participate in the reconstruction, then please let Sylvia know.

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More (40) Verloren photos here >>>>

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   Start: August, 2009
Finish: Unknown yet

Project by: not assigend

- Project needs lead & builders
- A start was made
- Rough layout on the ground
- All textures available

Verloren was originally designed and built by Versu Richelieu in 2006 in SL. When the region had to be closed, there was no way yet to save or export it. Since that sad day we are looking to recreate the castle on day or least some ruins of it.

The region can be found in both OSgrid and Metropolis and is in desperate need of someone who likes to take the lead in getting this project running.

Verloren Project page