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Verloren Castle Resurrection Project

 Region: Verloren
 World: OSgrid & Metropolis

  Region 'Verloren' is the old heart of 'Otherland Estate' in SL. Castle Verloren was very known and a popular relax hangout. The combination of many large rooms in different settings and functions, secret corridors and all kinds of caste sounds, gave the place an unprecedented magical atmosphere. With moving to OSgrid in 2009 the region was eventually lost because of the high costs keeping a complete sim running in Second Life. This was before the times we could save and export complete regions. It is a long cherished wish to one day resurrect the castle or at least create accurate ruins to remember it by.

Verloren lays around as a desolated 'Under Construction' sight for many years now. It patiently awaits the moment someone wants to pickup the project and simply starts rebuilding. The only things saved from old Verloren are the height-map of the landscape and all textures that were used. There were no sculpts or meshes used in Verloren. Photographs by many different visitors can be found all over the internet. There also are some screenshots of the old world-map. These together give some rough clue to the measurements and positions in the region. Sylvia Sonoda did some first efforts and laid down an old world map for positions reference at the Verloren sight in OSgrid. Also a start is made at the stables with a few walls and the second floor walk-up.

One Idea is to create a less time consuming accurate overgrown 'ruins and remains' sight in one grid (Metropolis) and maybe go eventually for the full rebuild in OSgrid.

If you know Verloren from the Second Life old days and like to participate in the reconstruction, then please let Sylvia know.

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   Start: August, 2009
Finish: Unknown yet

Project by: not assigend

- Project needs lead & builders
- A start was made
- Rough layout on the ground
- All textures available

Verloren was originally designed and built by Versu Richelieu in 2006 in SL. When the region had to be closed, there was no way yet to save or export it. Since that sad day we are looking to recreate the castle on day or least some ruins of it.

The region can be found in both OSgrid and Metropolis and is in desperate need of someone who likes to take the lead in getting this project running.

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