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Lafe caught looking at ..... Hee where is that hand going Vivian and Bae are not totally innocent either
  Ruben likes the hat Key wanted in between
no matter what
Ruben has a bug
Rebake Revolution Mysterious LBSA Bug
Oct.17 End of the World
    A nice busy LBSA (Feb. 2012) LBSA Hot Girls (Feb. 2012)

Most amazing questions, answers and remarks from LBSA Plaza:

Where do I port forward my Hippo viewer?
Does anyone know of how many layers the plywood is made, that one gets when rezzing a new cube?
OAR and IAR creative promotional texts: Dan Banner: "Backup your sims OAR else!" & "What IAR ya doin?"
How do I get my inventory IAR from Hippo to Imprudance?


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