Swondo Special Projects

Swondo Special Projects are regions, parcels or buildings for which Swondo planned a different purpose then creating a (free) home.

Sometimes these projects are meant to create something which attrackts visitors. Like something entertaining or information.
People who like to create such a special project within set intentions and guidelines can also have their own place within (the sky above) the project.

- Mervaada and TakaTuka Caves: The caves preferable should become a labyrint of corridores with treasures(freebies) and watchables in carribean Pirate style

- Zell: The high snowy mountains need a ski environment with elevator, pathways etc etc. Maybe some cabins to stay in. At groundlevel an Austria Swtserland styled winterhotel with bar and dining

- Nederland: This boardwalk located OSgrid region needs to become typcial Dutch. Or maybe get special Dutch buildings like the Evaluon(Eindhoven) etc.

- Eschach: Under the ruines of Eschach are 7 floors of large empty space that need to become attractive for visitors. Ideas are welcome(OSgrid & Metro)

Rules and guidelines for these projects differ per project. Please contact Sylvia Sonoda if you are interested.

People who like to take on a special project must be able to show earlier work by them.