Requirements to get free land

- Be able to communicate in fluent English, German or Dutch without a translator.

- Be reachable off-world by e-mail within 2 days max.

- Your avatar is at least two weeks old in OSgrid or Metropolis.

- Your avatar has a profile that shows activity.

- You agree to the 'Free Land rules & guidelines' and the Swondo Covenant.

Requirements to keep free land

- Visit your land for at least 4 days per month and each visit has to last at least 5 minutes.

- There has to be some adding or creation that shows the land is inhabited and cared for.

- Be reachable off-world by e-mail within 2 days max.

- Free land is meant for people who do not have land elsewhere in the same grid.

Our goal is that the land is really used as a virtual home.
We can only have a limited number of regions dedicated to Free Land.
When someone leaves, we have to fill in paperwork, clean and put in new vegetation.
This is why we try to select people who actually use the land and be around for a longer time.
Basically, we try to avoid miscommunication arising from a language barrier and deselect people who impulsively ask for land.
We love to see land filled with active residents, neighbours having a chat and visitors exploring and enjoying the environment.
Sylvia Sonoda