Add extra prims to Free Land (Prim-lease)

All freeland parcels come with 500 free prims. At a small fee the land can have extra prims.

With Prim-lease the minimum needed monthly visits are no longer required.

+1400 = 1900 prims total, costs   5 US$ ( 4,67 Euro) p/m
+3000 = 3500 prims total, costs   9 US$ ( 8,50 Euro) p/m
+3500 = 4000 prims total, costs 10 US$ ( 9,50 Euro) p/m
+4000 = 4500 prims total, costs 11 US$ (10,50 Euro) p/m
+5000 = 5500 prims total, costs 12 US$ (11,50 Euro) p/m

The minimum invoice amount is 15US$. This means that the +1400 lease goes
per 3 months and the +3000 lease per 2 months upfront.

Fill-in and submit to upgrade your Free Land to more prims.
This form can only be used by people who already own Free Land at Swondo.
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Prim-Lease. Extra prims for my Free Land parcel

It is always possible to down-grade back to Free Land by reducing the primcount below 501 and notify Sylvia about it.
A maximum of 15% of the prims can be mesh. Some meshes are not allowed because they are too fine and texture heavy.

Please note that leasing a complete region with 10.000 prims, no estetic rules and
more landscaping possibilities costs 15 US$ or 14 Euro p/m.
Compare schematic of Free Land versus full-size (var)regions