Prims & Mesh, Sky-garden and House already on

500 free Prims & Mesh usage
Parcels come with 500 free prims of which 15% or 75 prims can be mesh. However mesh and texture load has to stay within reason and some meshes are made extreme heavy. In such a case they have to be removed anyway. Parcels already have Swondo trees, grass, flowers, and sometimes other objects. These prims are not deducted from your 500 prims. Please note that you have to watch the primcount yourself. There is no warning or limiting system present. You can see your prim count in "About Land",tab: Objects. Many inhabitants proved that creating a beautyful place can be done easy with 500 prims. Upgrading to 1900 prims costs 5 US$ p/m.

  The Sky-garden
All parcels have a sky-garden in the high sky above your land. The garden itself is not deducted from your prims, adding to it is. The Sky-garden is meant to give you another place to build and create. There are no estetic rules as long as the height of your creations do not reach a sky-garden of your neighbours above. One-click teleporters are added to take you up and down instantly.

Parcels with a house already on
Some parcels come with a non-removable house. These houses are placed because they add value to the regional design. Positioning the house in the centre of the parcel enables smaller buffer parcels between neighbours. Adding another house is not allowed, but adding a small shed in the same style is possible. A big advantage of these parcels is that you still have 500 prims to spend while the house is already there.