Swondo Freeland Landowner Detector

The 'Freeland Landowner Detector' checks every 4 minutes who is in the region and sends this information to the Swondo server. At the server the detected avatar is checked against the list of landowners in the region. If the avatar is a landowner, then the visit is registered.

Freeland landowners have to visit their land at least 4 days per month with a minimum of 5 minutes per visit. This rule is to achieve that land is given to persons who actually use it.

The detector is also used to check if people applying for Free Land, have actually been to the land they are asking for.

The 'Freeland Landowner Detector' is only placed in regions that hand-out free parcels. Information about avatars is never shared with others.
No avatar detectors of any kind are ever placed in leased-out regions.